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I need to validate a number of different XML documents against the same schema, but the behaviour of Xml Validating Reader seems to make this very expensive in memory terms. Load, which took around about 3Mb of allocations, but the Xml Validating Reader added another 69Mb of allocations during Schema.

I had not, until very recently, been able to reproduce this in our laboratory with our test staff running similar transactions (the app is a touch screen based point-of-sale) I finally concluded that the test staff was just not stressing t...See the next tip for a concrete example of how that can be handy.Using the stock classes, it’s not possible to validate a document against a DTD or schema as you write it. When opening a document for reading, it’s tempting to just specify a file path and let Xml Reader take care of opening the file for you.Streams are flexible, and you can do things with them that you can’t do as easily with a file URI, like open a second, different type of reader or a writer from the same stream.

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When writing date formats out to an XML stream, you’ll probably run into trouble getting .

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