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Antilogumena= books accepted by some of the church (James and Jude, 2 Peter, Hebrews which were disputed books because they were not familiar with them these 6 books were accepted later).Notha= writings claiming inspiration but were false.Exactly 50 years later the Geneva bible society used his house and the same printing press to print bibles.

In 1550 Robert Stephens divided the scriptures into chapter and verses.

For example, there are the Scriptures such as the eyes of the Lord go to and fro upon the earth.

God called a shield, a buckler, a high tower, a fortress.

Much of what is spoken of in the O T for Israel and the tribulation are found as its theme from revelation 6-19 It reveals Christ and the end of the age . A hypothetical document that is believed to be the common source for the gospels.

Three terms used to describe the gathering together of the canon (Scripture) Homologumena= all books accepted by the entire church (the Pauline epistles next were the 4 gospels in one work, then Acts 1 Pt., 1 Jn., Revelation all these were accepted in both the East and the West).

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Once the Church was being persecuted it became necessary to write the accounts down. They were copied in hearing rooms and were checked. Gospels are biographical accounts each having a specific theme- written to both unbelievers and believers.

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