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At Kristina's memorial service, the devastated Alexis berates Sonny, Jason, and Roy Di Lucca, and reminds Sonny that her "Cassadine ancestors were ruling countries when his were toiling in the fields with the other peasants." Alexis gives birth to a very premature baby girl, whom she names Kristina.

She and Ned furiously work to keep Sonny from learning the truth.

However, her doubts get the better of her, and she leaves a devastated Ned at the altar.

Alexis reluctantly becomes a lawyer for mob boss Sonny Corinthos, and aids Sonny and his enforcer, Jason Morgan, in their various legal struggles, including custody disputes.

Alexis is also appointed as District Attorney for the city.

During this time, she becomes the defending lawyer for Manny Ruiz, a serial killer who has tormented and stalked Jason and Sam for months, after he apparently reforms.

Ned eventually drops the suit, and gives her full custody of her daughter.

Stefan instructs Alexis to change her name to Davis and brings her to Port Charles to aid in the legal side of his vendetta against Luke Spencer, the husband of his former lover Laura Spencer.

Alexis is protective of Stefan and her nephew Nikolas Cassadine, going as far as to make Stefan believe that his lover Katherine Bell was actually his half-sister Natasha.

At first, Alexis pushes him away, not interested in a relationship, but slowly she falls for him, as well.

Ric is Sonny's half-brother, and is aware that Kristina is actually Sonny's daughter.

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Upon learning of her deception, Stefan banishes her from his life.

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