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Carlin finds it interesting’ that Sapp claimed to have been stalked by Patrick for over a year, but never made any 911 calls to police prior to filing the order of protection.“If someone is harassing you to that extent, for almost an entire year, it’s only natural to call the police at least once.maybe I missed something.”Irene and Mattahais Patrick, who have spent several days in Kalamazoo since their daughter’s disappearance, returned to Michigan on Thursday following a trip home to Florida for the holidays.After returning to Michigan, the family terminated the services of a Kalamazoo private investigator, Carl H.Clatterbuck III, and has hired Jim Carlin, a Battle Creek private investigator who runs Justinian Investigative Services.

Rumors are swirling heavily about Sapps possible involvement in Patrick’s murder.

Carlin says Teleka’s ex-husband’s claim of her being mentally ill is baseless and unsubstantiated.

“That guy is trying to use this ordeal to gain fame in some weird way.

After she was unable to book a room, a hotel courtesy shuttle driver gave her a ride to her car – a gold 1997 Lexus ES300 – in the parking lot of Borgess. Inside the car, police found Patrick’s ID, wallet and credit cards. 6 when she failed to show up for work at Borgess, her purse and cellphone were found at the hospital.

Last week, You Tube videos surfaced of Patrick talking and singing to an apparent love interest who she refers to as “Love” and “Baby.” The videos were uploaded to You Tube in early November. Concerns about Patrick’s mental health were raised this week by her ex-husband, Ismael Calderon Jr., who said the couple’s marriage, which ended in 2011, dissolved because Patrick refused to get help for mental illness.

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If she was mentally ill, their would be a visible pattern of her behavior, or at least one or two incidents, and the family would have known about it. Speaking passionately on a Youtube video to someone you’re emotionally attached to, does not rise to the level of mental illness.” says Carlin.

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