Validating steam files stuck on 100

I cannot click into anything, I have to close the game by using Alt F4 and I have to run the game again.Sometimes I get lucky enough for it to load, as if this thing had a self will. This error is also happening in the Technical Test Server.It might also help to turn off triple buffering as well.SOMA continuously creates autosaves at certain points as you play the game.For example lowering from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 should make a great difference. Thanks Hi, Could you try setting up your PC to use the Google public DNS: Please make a note of the current settings so that you can change them back should you need to.

Turning them off is also possible, but some lights will bleed through walls. - SSAO on/off: For older cards, turning off SSAO can increase performance a bit.

Texture filter: Set to bilinear or trilinear to gain performance.

ATI Tray Tools Avast Camtasia Studio Comodo Emsisoft Online Armor Fraps Mc Afee Open Broadcasting Software Origin Overlay Sandbox Steam Overlay Synergy Teamspeak Overlay Threat Fire Wii U drivers Xfire can make the game crash at startup or even randomly.

Since there are bound to be more, if you have tried all of the above then it might be worth manually closing everything running in the background including any antivirus/firewall and try again.

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If all works, you can exit the game and carefully change a few settings at a time.

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