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Andrew Mac Askill, Anjuli Davies Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and senior officials will meet executives from major finance companies today to give them a clearer idea of what Britain's European Union exit will mean for...

Colm Kelpie Imagine being an eager young MP, hoping to get that much sought promotion to the ministerial ranks, only to be told that you’re being dispatched off to be Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

UK officials are hopeful the proposal can move the negotiations to the next phase.

But the EU might yet choose to play hardball, and insist that the sums must be topped up to cover other liabilities such as Eurocrat pensions.

But No 10 yesterday indicated that the PM is planning a major reset of the Government's position.

Theresa May, pictured at the UN's HQ in New York today, said 'Boris is doing good work' heading up the Foreign Office and insisted the Cabinet is united and 'focused' on delivering the best Brexit deal for Britain Theresa May, pictured at the UN headquarters in New York today, told reporters she backs Boris Johnson to stay on as Foreign Secretary despite his friends warning he could quit by the end of the week if she does not bow to his demands over Brexit Her spokesman said: 'Clearly this is a significant moment in terms of progress on our future relationship with Europe.' Mrs May hopes to use the speech to break the deadlock in the Brexit negotiations and kickstart talks on a new trade deal.

'He's the Foreign Secretary and the PM thinks he's doing a good job,' he said.

Mrs May also backed him to stay in her Government, telling reporters that 'Boris is doing good work' heading the Foreign Office and adding that the Cabinet has 'one focus' over Brexit.

The potential move - effectively going over the heads of Eurocrats like Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier to appeal to leaders of EU states - emerged after Boris Johnson dramatically pulled back from the brink of resignation last night.

The Prime Minister has summoned an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet tomorrow to brief ministers on her Florence speech.

Its precise contents currently remain a carefully guarded secret.

The appearance draws a line under days of speculation about whether the Foreign Secretary would quit.

No 10 refused for hours to say whether the pair had even met privately.

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It is unclear whether expected peace talks between Mr Johnson and Mrs May took place last night.

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