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• Multiple swing trades per month • Stock and option swing trades • Positions alerted via text message and swing trade chat room • Swing trading is recommended for all sized accounts • Mapped stop loss and expected profit targets with each alert • weekly watchlist and market analysis video • Open positions tab, showing our swing trading portfolio• Daily pre-market watchlist includes blue-chip and small cap stocks • The fastest real time buy/sell alerts, • Live screen share and trading commentary • Trade analysis pre and post trades • Live custom-built trade ideas scanners• Trade stock shares • Trade option contracts • Diversify portfolio • ETF trading • Hedge your portfolio accordingly to market sentiment • Day trading with capitalize on short term trends and momentum • Swing trading will capitalize on longer term / macro trends • Understand the overall spectrum of the stock market by becoming both a day and swing trader.

We provide weekly swing trade watchlists with stocks that are getting ready to make big moves.Day and swing trading has helped many members gain extreme financial freedom only working a few short hours a day!We provide both a day and swing trading chat room for our members to watch our professional traders execute trading strategies in real time!We provide a pre-trading plan checklist, which you will use every single time you EVER place a trade!This took us many painful years to learn how to properly hold ourselves accountable to our trading plans, we provide this value immediately, allowing you to bypass many years of painful failure and opportunity cost!

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Alerts are from our Live Audio Chat Room where we forecast trade setup live as we are entering our positions giving you the opportunity to be a part of the trading process.

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