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Her younger brother Joseph is pictured beaming at the camera, clad cozily in a blue duffel coat with brown toggle closures.

Their youngest sibling Theodore is dressed in a similar style, this time beige in color, however unlike the other two children, he seems less than impressed with the picture-taking process, and appears to be scowling slightly while sitting in his father's arms, his brow furrowed as he sucks on his thumb.

While Ivanka's eventual destination is unknown, her Secret Service agents were wearing their badges outside their coats, suggesting that the group was headed to the White House gym.

'Earlier on that day, Ivanka was spotted leaving the home she shares with Jared and their three children, looking ready to hit the gym, after spending much of the weekend serving as the butt of many a joke on social media.

Their three beloved children - Arabella, six, Joseph, four, and Theodore, one - all look very smartly dressed in their winter coats.

Arabella can be seen standing with her back to the camera, looking over her shoulder for the picture, in which she is wearing a pretty pink hooded coat over what appears to be a red dress.

While posting about its Thanksgiving decor suggestions, tips, and tricks, the brand posted a tweet which read: 'Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table?

Problem solved.' But it was the accompanying image that prompted Twitter to respond with a flurry of mocking messages.

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