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Both of those lead to some woman sitting on a barstool saying, “I’d like a strong drink of hard liquor, and nothing with a man’s name.” Note: Making a man feel manly is not the same as assigning him all of the yucky domestic tasks.

Talking About Other Men Repeatedly mentioning other men will prevent or destroy a relationship.

Clinginess is invasive, threatening, annoying, suspect and extremely unattractive.

You might as well tattoo “discounted merchandise” on your forehead.

Only women with body image issues ask those questions.

Then they get upset when some man says, “not to me but the Night Manager at Denny’s said you were creating a fire hazard from the thigh friction”, or "are you kidding you're so skinny you could walk through a harp"—the “Why? Besides, if a man does not like what you are wearing, just take it off.

You should never ask men certain types of questions, i.e. Scientists have not identified the mechanism, but it is the Y chromosome factor in men.

That is, why would you think that women, who begin their day by making up their faces, are not the least bit interested in certain truths, such as: whether or not a pair of jeans makes them look fat.

However, intellect is a cortical event, whereas emotions occur in the old brain, where there is no thinking, just “survive now, and ask questions later.” Fight-or-flight is the default emotional male response to a woman not making him feel big and strong.

If you want conversation, talk to your girl friends.

I have attempted to couch, a serious message in humor.

That message is: people grow lonelier and more disenfranchised every day. The challenge is, men and women of today, are not the men and women of yesteryear, but instincts remain the same.

Clearly, the terms of engagement must evolve as we evolve, as no one is free, until we all are free; love is freeing.

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