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Matthew asks for the one thing Leo would like to change in his life. Can YOU imagine taking a friend out to lunch – and getting results like THAT? Another client of mine, whom I shall call “John,” used to call me “The Cure-It-All Man.” He was based in Bristol, in the UK, and whenever he had a major issue within his business, he’d call me. One day after a morning of golf, he unveiled a most personal problem to me... But as we walked across the green, I had him perform a simple TEN MINUTE EXERCISE. One week later, I had an e-mail from him telling me that his “issue” was completely cured. But I’d happily bet my entire career, my industry reputation, my house, my car AND my life savings on that fact! The NLP Secret is MIRACULOUS – because it can literally be used to erase ANY problem you think you may have. Can you IMAGINE being able to change ANY area of your life that quickly?He said he’d never experienced anything like this in his life before. The NLP Secret allows ANYBODY to enjoy INSTANT CHANGE in absolutely ANY area of their life – in just TEN MINUTES. Or going to lunch with a friend and curing all of THEIR problems – before dessert arrives? Smith, Herts, WD24, uv******@Would YOU like to discover how the NLP Secret can benefit YOUR life? Are YOU ready to get rid of EVERY FEAR you’ve ever had?I have no idea if my father or uncle know about their half-sibling, or if my grandfather knows about his wife’s previous child.Because my grandmother refused contact, should I do the same to respect her wishes?He’s also setup his own record label, and helps cut big deals with the music moguls. So, if YOU want to wave GOODBYE to self-doubt, to HEAVY personal issues, to debilitating FEAR, then you need to click on THIS link TODAY: This will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Thanks for your time today, Michael Masterman - CEO, NLP Author, “The Speed Reading Secret”, “Hypnosis Coach”, “Genius Mindset” Part of the The Self Network. Remember, in order to learn the NLP Secret, you’d have to spend THOUSANDS learning with the masters! Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Discovering a family secret: A few months ago, I took a DNA test to find out my ethnic heritage and after looking at the results online, I saw that I shared a significant amount of DNA with a person who lives across the country (enough to be close relatives).And eight years ago, I uncovered perhaps the biggest secret EVER – all thanks to the help of my friend and mentor, Matthew Davis. This was undoubtedly the world’s most powerful personal development technique. With just a one-off investment of TEN MINUTES, this technique could help anyone to...

The person who contacted me said that they contacted my grandmother in the past to see if she wanted to communicate; she said no, and they didn’t ask again.

It’s eight years ago, and I’m sitting in a training room in London. (And, incidentally, often does – quite by accident!

In front of me is Matthew Davis, my personal mentor in the world of NLP. NLP stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming.” It's one of the most POWERFUL methods of changing your thoughts in the quickest time possible. ) Yet this NLP Secret was ONLY being shared with those affluent enough to attend the most advanced NLP courses held by Matthew Davis and a few elite NLP leaders. After using this technique, just TRY to get back into that state of fear or shyness again. Privately, the developers called this method the “Physiology of Success” or the “Physiology of Excellence”. So, armed with this secret new technique, I went out into the world and practiced. “I love the idea of being able to change my state at any moment. As soon as she had to pitch for a project, she totally flopped – and never won a thing.

Should I risk my family dynamic falling apart to meet this cousin?

Would it be acceptable to wait for my grandparents’ deaths to contact this person? I can’t imagine the circumstances under which your grandmother surrendered her child for adoption were easy or ones that she’d like to remember, and I can understand your reluctance to reopen old family wounds.

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They then asked if I would like to communicate, but if I do not, they will not contact me again.

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