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Lister manages to get back on board Starbug safely, only for a second Lister to arrive claiming he is the real article.

The second Psiren gives itself away by calling Lister 'Dave' (something the real Kryten would never do) and is killed by a panicking Lister.Outside he encounters a lustful figure from his adolescence (the sister of one Pete Tranter).Although he is fully aware that she is actually a Psiren, the illusion is too strong for Lister to overcome his desires, and he snogs with her.Now just the two of them, Lister and Cat walk up to the Psiren, which is disguised as a vending machine and knocks them unconscious.As the Psiren decides which to eat first, Kryten, now cube shaped from his experience in the waste compactor, waddles over to the edge of the walkway from the deck above and crashes down on top of it.

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" Courtesy of the mighty uk, you can also take a look at some images from series XI, including Starbug's new cockpit, by clicking the gallery above.

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