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Every tiny change of your ball's direction may influence the whole result, so you need to be a sharpshooter!Hole in One Mini Golf is an unforgettable game that has achieved great popularity among those who like sports online games!La competición no se realiza en tiempo real, sino que va por turnos, primero uno de los competidores ejecuta una pista y más tarde el otro.Con más de 5 millones de instalaciones, poner a prueba este juego no nos podía defraudar, pero también es cierto que nuestras expectativas eran altas.There are holes and you need to control the speed and the power that you strike with. Forget about standardized courses which design has been checked to be suitable for competitive play!These game courses are extremely unpredictable though deliberately designed.

THE PROS The 3D graphics are realistic and well-rendered. The follow-up to the hit mobile golf series, you’ll enjoy playing through new courses. Golf is not even close to being my favorite sport, but oddly enough, golf sports game always tend to be quite fun.

Golf Championship is an addictive golf game in 3D, especially developed for fans of the sport. Gameplay is simple: select an angle and tap when power meter rea….

Choose between the three game modes: tourism, cup, club and mini game and begin the golf adventure in this 3D world. Create your avatar and start challenging your friends.

So don't miss an opportunity and install this Hole in One Mini Golf for free right now!

La plataforma Android ha desarrollado juegos de todos los géneros y no podían faltar los juegos de Mini Golf.

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It's true, mobile online match-up games have been too focused on word-like games. Why don't you challenge your friends to show off their skills on mini-golf games? A mini-golf game that makes the most of mobile: screento….

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