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Scientifically accepted infection control techniques include but are not limited to A chain of events is required for infection to occur.

Healthcare professionals have an obligation to adhere to scientifically accepted standards for infection control to prevent disease transmission amongst patients or between patients and healthcare professionals.

Methicillin- and oxacillin-resistant colonization are rarely recognized and MRSA colonization is quite common, so every patient must be assumed to have been exposed to and/or colonized with MRSA/ORSA.

In addition, MRSA often contaminates medical equipment such as stethoscopes and environmental surfaces like computer keyboards.

A route of transmission is necessary to connect the source of infection to its new host. Pregnant healthcare professionals are not known to be at greater risk of contracting bloodborne infections; however, during pregnancy, the infant is at risk of perinatal transmission.

The organism must have a portal of entry into the host for infection to occur.

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Methicillin- and oxacillin-resistant can produce toxins and invade body tissues.

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