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The word faithful implies that you have a strong unwielding FAITH in your relationship. But presence in a relationship is less tangible, but much more important. It will psychologically devastate you because of having to hide the secret always, and it will destroy her and your family if it was discovered. This includes watching porn or even flirting with another woman in a bar away from your wife.

My wife came back from going out with a friend to hear music at a club almost a year ago.

Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything.My own husband went this way and believe me, he created that desire in his head first, nursed it and went through with it. It's a choice, a choice of putting your own desires and lusts ahead of everything else and that starts with the consideration of doing so first.Cheating start with a wife pretending sex ins't important. This said, not always lack of good sex at home is a wife's issue, but that's where things start going wrong.Unfaithfulness begins the moment you engage in any relationship beyond what your spouse allows. There are various degrees and shades of adultery/unfaithfulness/infidelity that should be realized.For example, if my wife thinks about or flirts with another man ... However, if she has multiple sexual encounters, that could not easily be forgiven, if at all, and would never be forgotten. It's not so easy to just ask, "What is and what is not infidelity?

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I think the rule of thumb, as others pointed out, is thinking about "would you do this action in front of your spouse? "Unfaithful" usually starts by simply not being present, either physically or emotionally.

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