Intj dating infj

With thinking SJ types, INTJs will admire their practicality, logic, and effectiveness at getting things done.

Problems can arise when INTJs get frustrated with the SJs love of convention.

They aren’t often interested in flings or one-night-stands but are looking for something that will last a lifetime.

Usually, before they embark on a relationship they will have carefully ensured that the person fits certain criteria so that they don’t waste their time (or anyone else’s).

In another post, I’ll get into more details about a sensor/intuitive relationship.

SJs and INTJs are usually both clean, neat people and so they will often have a happy, comfortable home together.INTJs are extremely independent and constantly want to evolve and expand their idea of the world.SJs like the familiar and the way things have always been done, and will have a hard time understanding what they may see as strange, non-conformist ideas.INTJs and Guardians (SJ types) in Relationships: Guardians usually think very highly of INTJs, and admire their hard work and serious, intellectual nature.They can often provide a happy balance to an INTJs life with their practical, feet-on-the-ground mentality.

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Thanks to books like Please Understand Me, Just Your Type, and endless other resources I’ve been able to access some really awesome information on types and compatibility.

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