Hirezbart and hirezkelly dating site

[Boards: 3 / a / aco / adv / an / asp / b / biz / c / cgl / ck / cm / co / d / diy / e / fa / fit / g / gd / gif / h / hc / his / hm / hr / i / ic / int / jp / k / lgbt / lit / m / mlp / mu / n / news / o / out / p / po / pol / qa / r / r9k / s / s4s / sci / soc / sp / t / tg / toy / trash / trv / tv / u / v / vg / vp / vr / w / wg / wsg / wsr / x / y ] if funballer, emilitoo, Barra and Vetium has taught of something is that Zapman doesn't go to worlds for being a fucking overly aggressive idiot.

This community is cancer and hi-rez doesn't do anything to stop it unless you call soemone a nigger, faggot or anything else SJWs hate.128694298Are you trying to say that doesn't happen on those games and more often?

It seems like any time I don't have my ult up I do 0 damage and I don't do anything besides die.

I hardly even get the chance to auto people more than a few times before they leap/dash away or use all their abilities on me and I die.128690486I mean they pretty much died after they stopped streaming.

This allows them to push up to your tower if they chose to do so and from there they have free reign on your buffs.

As sad as I am to see Bort/Kelly leaving, I'm happy for Bort about his new job. Good luck, maybe I'll actually check out Youtube Gaming now.

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Towers, phoenixes, fire giant and the fucking titan doesn't exist.128720742The way he appears to be carrying, sprint is fine since it keeps him mobile and allows him an additional escape option if he ever gets in a poor situation where he's already consumed ult and Vanish is still on cooldown. 2 dash skill every like 8 seconds and he usually builds tank. It doesn't even matter if I find them with their pants down because they have a rocket powered asshole.

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