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It follows, then, that men are naturally not inclined to monogamy because their lizard-brains tell them that they need to spread their cheap sperm far and wide to better maximize their potential for offspring.

Women, on the other hand, hold back sex in exchange for status, protection and resources; they want to maximize their individual offspring’s chances to survive…

The consultant dermatologist said: ‘I would agree with Meryl Streep’s advice and I would advise people not to touch their face too much.’‘When you touch your face you are transferring germs which can potentially cause infections on the face.‘And if your skin barrier function is impaired, such as with dry skin or eczema, it can allow organisms to get into the skin.‘If you have acne, touching your face can make the condition worse and picking your skin can cause spots.’Dr Chiang also warned that rubbing the skin can result in pigmentation and wrinkles.

She said: ‘If you’re rubbing you your eyes and face, a lot of rubbing can thicken the skin and cause lines.

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Whether it’s a case of chasing after numbers, finding a no-strings-attached hook-up , a lack of nookie in a committed relationship or even just managing to lose one’s virginity, it often seems like sexual fulfillment is something that happens to It’s a constant source of frustration, angst, even self-harm in men. In fact, the dominant narrative for the last two hundred years has been that women are inherently the “purer” sex, the ones who are biologically inclined to monogamy, who are the less lustful of the species.

to never touch your face because your hands are dirty.’Streep, who won an Oscar for her role in the Iron Lady, has opted to age naturally and has previously said she doesn’t believe in plastic surgery because it ‘freezes’ your face.

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After all, we’ve tamed the deserts, charted the oceans, harnessed the atom and conquered outer space…

clearly we are a people of lucid cognition who see only what is real, untainted by superstition or cultural prejudice. We let confirmation bias control much of what we believe, even down to our science.

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