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When La Flor lost the Day 6 challenge, the two alliances brought their conflict to Tribal Council, where Shannon blurted somewhat derogatory remarks against the LGBT community, even asking Sash outright if he was gay.This gesture made Rice and some of Shannon's own alliance members to turn on him, sending him home.Marty decided not to use his idol, with the vote resulted in a tie between Marty and Kelly B., so Sash and the other younger players decided that they could handle Marty later so Kelly B. Following Kelly B.'s elimination, Sash cornered Marty by telling that, if he gave him the idol, he would be safe for the upcoming Tribal Council and if La Flor lost again, Sash would give the idol back to Marty.Marty gave him the idol, so Sash switched his vote from Marty to Jill and voted Jill off 3-2-2. Reason for being on Survivor: For the adventure and for the glory of winning the greatest game in the World. Sash was put at the La Flor tribe, the tribe that was comprised by contestants aged 30 below. Inspiration in Life: My Mom Hobbies: Extreme Adventures, Running, Dating Beautiful Women Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: Tyson, because I have some great one-liners and because I'm awesome.In the end, Sash received no votes, losing to Fabio's unconventional strategy of not joining any effective alliances and just building relationships with people without hurting them, earning him the title of Sole Survivor in a 5-4 vote.Ever since The Voice Australia's Tim Conlon presented Delta Goodrem with a rose during the blind auditions, fans have joked on Twitter about a possible romance.

Learning this information, Sash regrouped his remaining alliance partners to plot against Marty and Jill and prepared to vote them off.Brenda's elimination, along with Na Onka and Purple Kelly's sudden voluntary exits proved fatal to Sash, as the alliance crumbled, with Chase, Holly, and Jane built their own smaller alliance.But when Sash won the subsequent Immunity Challenge, he regained control by now being the swing vote between Chase's alliance and the remaining members of Marty's all-male alliance (Dan Lembo, Benry, and Fabio).Sash decided to reunite with his old alliance, and selected to vote out Benry, who was seen as a physical threat.Fabio was the next intended target, but won immunity, so Sash, Chase, and Holly figured that they should vote off Jane (a popular candidate among the current jury members) while they still could.

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