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In a way, it is to make entry of data faster, and the truncation of the "the" and "a" in front of the english titles is becos that is the only way i can arrange the titles automatically in my system.

of cos, some sites used this common method, such as "way home, the" but i didn't like that.

However, I would be more than willing to get to know the situation at various parts of the world, and if anyone has any links to such information in your area, even if it is not English-based, please let me know so that I can help compile them.

I hope to have a thread whereby no matter where u come from, this will be the thread where u can find a common route between you and people from your area to find the same information pertaining to Korean Films on DVDs in your area. only in this thread 20 Well, in order to prevent confusion and to remain focused ..., I'm going to use this abbreviation KFOD to represent Korean Films on DVDs, i.e.

I feel that the country of production is still best represented by the predominant proportion of cast, more so than the director, the crew, the place of shooting, the production company or even the primary language of the movie.

Definite limitations throughout the whole thread 20 1. i'm sorry if the infomation put forward is not up to date or inaccurate, but i'm trying my best as it takes enormous time off my work; and most verification is difficult to be definite unless i buy all the KFOD in the world (and unless I'm so rich and free...haha).

At any time, this thread may be left to rot on it's own which i can't promise to be able to update constantly, but within all my ability, i would not allow that to happen.

I've tons of information that i assembled in my excel files (for tabulation and sorting) but I'm not a techno-savvy guy. Features of different origins & region code for KFOD done 3. Understanding video format of DVD, aka aspect ratio not ready 19.

Directory of Cineseoul Movie Listing updated only to early Apr 2005 23.

Personal recommendations in each genre old data, to be updated 24.

Some love Hong Sang-soo's films while others enjoy "Oh! Ultimately, some will prefer to do some homework such as to read reviews.

The below would be some good places to read reviews.

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I do routinely scroll through any available and upcoming titles, their posters, galleries and synopsis to see if i like the shows.

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