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Now we have the icing on the cake: Moscow's landmark 1912 high school is well on its way to becoming an arts-oriented community center.

The stately old building, rechristened The 1912 Center, is newly in the care of a custom-designed nonprofit called, appropriately enough, Heart of the Arts, Inc.

Occupying a high, grassy knoll on Third Street just east of Moscow's downtown, it sits right on the edge of Moscow's nationally listed historic Fort Russell neighborhood and was listed in the National Register in 1992.

"The building itself is magnificent," said Kenton Bird, president of HAI.

Once the first two phases of remodeling were completed in 20, the building's Great Room and Plaza saw lots of action.The slogan of the Midwestern city in which I grew up is branded forever in my brain: "The Little City With The Big Future." It sounds proud, but the town looks very much like it did when I was young, only with more empty storefronts on the square, and the historic brick high school—once the eye-catching centerpiece of the square—was demolished before I was savvy enough to mount a campaign to save it.After a few decades, the slogan's vague, static promise of eventual greatness prompts the question of when—or if—that future will ever come. It still bugs me every time I see the ho-hum community center slouching where the old high school used to stand."Its architecture makes a strong statement about Moscow's commitment to education in the early 20th century, and it's already a sought-after gathering place, as demonstrated by the number of community groups who meet, eat, learn and play there."It's a little tattered around the edges, but its inherent beauty and strength is apparent on closer inspection," Bird said.

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