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That said, they still thrive better in an aerated tank as long as an airstone is used to diffuse the air flow.

Betta aquariums should have a cover of some type to prevent the fish from jumping out.

Male bettas should also not be kept in a community tank with colorful fish like guppies because the betta may attack the guppies thinking they are other small, bettas.

The tank's size will be determined by how many fish you plan to keep.

A single betta will live happily in a tank or bowl, while three or four females will require a well-planted, 10-gallon tank to provide each one with enough personal territory.

A betta's stomach is about the size of its eyeball, so take care not to feed your fish too much at once.

Bettas love to have places to hide, especially female bettas, so providing a few hiding spots in the aquarium will help keep your fish happy.

If you want to spruce the tank up with some plants, use only live plants or plants manufactured specifically for use with bettas since hard, plastic plants may injure the betta's beautiful yet delicate fins.

The tank should also be filled no more than 80 percent full because when these fish get excited, they can leap out of the water sometimes as high as three inches above the surface.

You want to make sure your pet doesn't hit the tank lid and injure himself.

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